The Archaeological park – Neolithic Settlement

Vinča culture in the area of North-East Bosnia was familiar with the use of copper, whose remains were found in Gornja Tuzla and in Tuzla, but the origin of the raw material was not established (G.A., 1988a: 149).

As can be seen, most of the aforementioned activities and occupations were related to obtaining food. The Neolithic people’s diet consisted of food of herbal/vegetable and animal origin. Based on the remains of food of vegetable/herbal origin (found in Tuzla), it is clear that the inhabitants grew wheat, millet, and barley (Puš, 1957: 87). Meat of domesticated cattle, sheep, goats and pigs was used, while they also used the meat of wild animals, primarily of deer, roe deer, and of boar. It is not known h the vegetable based food was prepared, but it is quite certain that cereals have been processed, as proven by hand mills and dishes for their processing (Tuzla). As nutrition supplement they used salt.

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