The Archaeological park – Neolithic Settlement

Simin Han, Tuzla

Simin Han is located on the road between Tuzla and Gornja Tuzla, in the valley of the Jala River. It is assumed that the travel communication between the Neolithic settlements in Tuzla and Gornja Tuzla went through this settlement in the Neolithic, along the valley of the River Jala. The proof of this was a stone ax found during the construction of the road next to the house of M. Škorić in 1967.

In order to understand the way of life in the Neolithic age in the area of today’s Tuzla, we have to briefly look at the settlements that existed at the same time in the wider area of the Tuzla basin, some longer some shorter. These settlements communicated with one another, primarily through the original trade. This communication between the settlements in the area of North-East Bosnia produced a special Neolithic cultural group – Eastern Bosnian.

Along with the Neolithic settlements in the area of today’s Tuzla, so far settlements in Varoš nearKoraj have been discovered and partially explored (figures 7-9), Korić Han near Gračanica (archaeological material from this site was declared a national monument of BiH, Table X), Gradac near Bijeljina (Table XI), Matići near Orašje (Table XII), Donja Mahala near Brčko, Krušik near Gračanica, Krčevine near Zvornik, Dobrovac near Čelić, Obrtnjaci near Zvornik, Lanište near Brčko, Hridje near Bratunac.

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